Persepta is a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner for Data Analytics.  Our team has been engaged with Microsoft for several years – we have a significant breadth of knowledge and experience with the full set of Microsoft products that pertain to data and analytics.

The Persepta team has many years experience in working with Oracle Financial Services, however we are one of the very few service providers that has successfully implemented OFSLL in a production environment.  Our team has a vast and deep knowledge of OFSLL and stand ready to lead your organization to a successful OFSLL implementation today!  Importantly, our team has business SME expertise in addition to technical expertise for OFSLL allowing us to provide great value to our clients in these complex implementations.


Persepta has been working the the MCI Track Contractor Time Management system for years and has a great breadth of knowledge in both the cloud system but also the back-end web services that are used to flow data from integrated systems to/from Track.  Our team can enable 360 degree visibility in time management for both the Vendors and the operating facility.  Contact us today to learn more about our work in this area.

Persepta maintains leading expertise for MongoDB.  We apply deep knowledge and experience of database and application technologies to solve real-world business problems, enabling organisations to drive innovation and improve service, at a lower cost with reduced risk to operations.

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